There are many reasons why you might decide that you want to seek out home office refurbishment. A renovation of your home office space might be just the thing you need to restart your business career which has been growing stagnate lately; it can be a way to salvage an office with some serious design or even structural problems, such as floor or wall damage; home office refurbishment can even turn a plain office into something professional or client-worthy.

Whatever the reason, one of the most common concerns by people who are looking to renovate their home office is this: What is it going to cost?

Naturally, the cost of any type of renovation can vary wildly depending on a number of vital factors. These factors include what type of renovation is going to occur, how big the space is, the budget of the person pursuing the renovation, what they want done—and so on. There are a few ways, however, to calculate a general idea of how much the average home office refurbishment will cost. The following are several ways that you can get a ballpark figure of how much your home office renovation is going to cost.

Calculating via average price per square foot

A study done by Remodeling Magazine revealed that the average price per square foot of a home office renovation is about $188.00. This figure includes work such as new drywall, new carpeting, updated electrical writing, new cabinets/storage, and the addition of countertops.

To use this figure, simply multiple the length and width of your room to get the square footage of your office. Then multiply that figure by $188.00. For example: A 10 x 10 office has a square footage of 100. One hundred x $188.00 is $18,000.

This estimate may be high, however, because it does include almost a complete basic renovation.

Calculating price via the average cost of materials and installation

Another way to get a general idea of how much an office refurbishment will cost is by figuring out the average cost or real cost of the materials you need to use to have your room renovated and combining that with the price of installation or the actual work being done.

For example: a 4×8″ panel of drywall will cost about $10.00 and insulation for the walls and flooring will cost about $2.00 per square foot. For a room that is 12 x 12 feet, the cost of drywall will be approximately $120; the cost of the insulation would be approximately $288. That means it would cost about $408 for the materials alone—plus the price of installation. The typical carpenter will require at least $60-$70 per hour, meaning you could expect to be charged about $200-$300 for each day of work.

This same example can be applied to any type of work done during an office renovation, such as redoing electrical wiring, installing new flooring, installing new shelving or storage areas, and so on.

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