WBCR NEWS 9.13.17

In world news, Turkey continues to isolate itself from the U.S. and the western world by signing a deal with Russia that will allow its purchase of a surface-to-air missile system made by Moscow; and South Korea takes a much more aggressive step in response to the North’s most powerful nuclear test to date.

In national news, Congress unequivocally rejects White supremacy, and the nationalism and racism that are both attached to it, by unanimously approving a resolution that condemns this hatred; and the aftermath of Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc beyond anyone’s imagination in the Southeast.

And in local news, Democratic opponents of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t stand a chance in opposing him in the Democratic primaries yesterday. Mayor de Blasio got 74 percent of the vote when defeating three challengers, amid the third-lowest voter turnout since the mid-1960s. He’ll now face one Republican and one independent in the General Election on November 7th.

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