WBCR NEWS 11.6.17

In world news, Trump has started his 13-day trip across Asia to promote a free-trade Indo-Pacific region and strengthen efforts to denuclearize North Korea. In Zimbabwe, a visiting American woman has been charged with plotting to overthrow the government after tweeting that President Robert Mugabe was a sick man.

In national news, 26 people were killed and over 20 were wounded in America’s latest mass shooting taking place in a Texas church. Additionally, Michigan’s new mayor is facing potential backlash from the community with a looming upcoming recall election.

In local news, the latest loss to the world of journalism comes in the form of the shutdown of DNAinfo and the Gothamist. And still, New York City can officially march to the beat of its own drum thanks to the repeal of a dance law from the 20s requiring a license that permits dancing in commercial spaces.

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