WBCR NEWS 10.18.17

In world news, a federal lawsuit alleges that the pharmaceutical industry in America knowingly funded militants that infiltrated the government in Iraq during the eight-year war there; and a terror attack last Saturday, in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, killed over 200 people and wounded hundreds more.

In national news, a “60 Minutes”/The Washington Post investigation on the federal government’s role in worsening America’s opioid epidemic led Congress to reconsider the controversial legislation at the center of it all, and it made its creator reconsider his nomination as drug czar; and the wildfires in California are still burning 10 days after they were first lit.

And in local news, a Federal judge in Brooklyn wants an overall inquiry into police perjury; and the MTA is starting to act on its Action Plan by only taking out seats and putting artwork on the trains.

Produced, written, and edited by: Richard Ngo (WBCR News Director) and Tanesha Thorpe.

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