Certainty by Temples has grown on me so much since coming out in September of 2016! It was released with promises of a new Temples album coming out this year! Look out for it in March! (Due date: 3/3/2017!)

Temples have a very New-Age Great, Rock-and-Roll sound. They have definitely put new spins on certain styles seen in older classics and they really embody a new era of Rock-and-Roll royalty to me. This is their second album release since their debut Sun Structures in 2014. An English rock band formed in Kettering, they’ve released one studio album, two EPs and a number of singles so far. Played regularly on WFUV, I came to look forward to this playlist regular. Check it out!


Make sure to check out Sun Structures as well, if you haven’t already!

Review and media curation by: Zoly Sohlir