4pm Sports Talk

6p – BLVCK Tea

12p – The Podcast About Nothing

8pm Downtown Sports

10am Airtime With Johnny

1pm Real-ish

5pm A to Z Sports with Adam Zaki

7pm Alexis O’s Weirdo Show



1pm Radio Rave

6pm Minglee’s Million Dollar Motivation

8p – Checkmate Radio with Deidra Brisco

4p – Sweet Talk

11a – The Juice with Jada J

12p – BG in BK

5pm The High Groove

7pm Pop The Trunk Hour

9pm Sports Money with Dennis Hughes



8p – Talkin for Curry

4p – Chitty Chatty Bang Bang

11a – Talking Point

12p – Cindy Marmolejos

1p – Any Luck (with Jason Fernandes)

3p – Thinking Out Loud with Joanie Martinez

5p – The Kevin Eng Show

7p – Big Ideas with Andre Conte

6p – Winston’s Sports Talk



8p – Jonathan Gomez

1p – On The Fly with Andrew Killips

5p – Henry Johnson

12p – Sports Zone

2pm South Brooklyn Variety Show

6p – The Break

7p – The Millennial Joe Show

4pm The Romie and Lauren Hour



4pm Jammin on the One

7pm The 411 with Ashley Kay & Fritzy

12p – Food for Thought

2p – Q’d Up





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