2 PM – Winston’s Sports Talk

Days and Times: Tuesday 4pm - 5pm

About Sports Talk:

The name says it all. Sports Talk is everything sports. Every week the Sports Talk panel dives into the latest sports news and rumors. From Boxing, MMA, basketball, football and baseball, the crew covers a wide range of sports and each member has a level of expertise in a different sport. While this is a show that focuses on local teams (Knicks, Nets, Giants, Jets, Yankees and Mets) we do love to talk national headlines as well. Sports headlines opens each show, recapping important weekly sporting news.

Sports Talks provides in-depth analysis of upcoming MMA/Boxing fight cards and offer insight on who can go all the way. Following each prediction, fight cards are recapped weekly.

Basketball Talk” is Knick-centered– but we aim to be unbiased so Nets and NBA news creeps in. Join the convo on Sports Talk.

Produced by Jared Marcelle, George Ayad and Kevin Medina

Follow Sports Talk @ @JaredMarcelle_

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