9pm-Healthy Beauty Radio With Camilia

“Healthy Beauty Radio ” is radio program that focuses on Health and Wellness, Beauty, and Lifestyle. The show creates an interactive community for people who share interest in health awareness, beautycare, and bodycare. Camilia is a Certified Medical Assistant, Beauty Lover, Healthy Beauty Activist, and Motivational Speaker who enjoys helping others and making people feel worthwhile.
On the show, there’s discussion on either a Health Topic of the Day or Beauty Topic of the Day. Information, tips, and advice are shared on Sickness and Disease Prevention as well as Hair-care Do’s and Dont’s, Skincare Secrets, and so much more! Let’s help each other as well as ourselves live happier, healthier, more beautiful lives! My goal is to promote self love and natural living!
My primary message: We are ALL Beautiful. I encourage everyone to remain humble, stay beautiful, and most important of all stay Healthy!