3 PM- The Space Program

Days and Times: Monday 3:00PM- 4:00PM

The Space Program will specialize in playing a range of music that represents the current and future sound of youth. Everything from beats, soul ballads, R&B jams to Punk and Indie will be played on the show. The focus will be on up and coming youth making music and music that represents them. We will not be limited to just playing new music though, we will also play older music that we believe inspires and relates to new music. An Episode of The Space Program will begin with a futuristic sounding song and then dive into songs from upcoming artists and related music. About halfway through we will have a ten minute talk about some of the artists we just played and discuss why people should look out for them. For the last leg of the show we will focus on one artist specifically, play some of their music and expand on why their music is important and relevant to youth culture. We also plan on having artists coming onto the show so that we can talk to them about their music, influences and plans for the future.

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