In world news, South Korea has told China to back off from their talks with the United States over the deployment of a missile-defense system in their own homeland; and civilians in Libya are calling for the restoration of a monarchy that once existed before the regime of deceased dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi to save the country from a bloody civil war that was catapulted by the Arab Spring.
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Adnan Syed ‘Serial’ Retrial

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Adnan Syed, convicted murder who became the infamous star of the podcast “Serial” may have a second chance at court this week. Syed was convicted of  the 1999 murder of ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee which he is currently serves a life sentence in prison.

Sarah Koening producer of the “Serial” podcast shed a light to the case in 2014 calling into question the fairness of the case and bringing in new evidence that may prove the innocence of Syed. The show broke records, drawing million of listeners to the podcast and over 68 million downloads.

The post-conviction hearing is scheduled to last three days. The Baltimore Circuit Judge Martin Welch will determine weather the conviction will be overturned which will lead to a retrial.


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In world news, French officials have identified a third suspect in the Paris attacks last month; and hundreds have evacuated from the Syrian city of Homs, and it’s all thanks to a cease-fire agreement.

In national news, protesters in Chicago are not moved by their mayor’s apology; and one of the officers charged with the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore finally takes the stand, but he’s still denying that he had any criminal involvement.

In local news, the New York State Attorney General takes over the inquiry of a murder case in Westchester County; and a former Suffolk County police chief is in jail after beating a man three years ago, and then telling his fellow co-workers to cover up the incident.

And, in sports, the Knicks lost another game, this time to the Utah Jazz.

Finally, stay tuned to today’s newscast (found below) for a personal announcement.

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In national news President Barack Obama gives a presidential address regarding ISIS. Also a woman is arrested for attempted murder.

In local news there is a hunt for a suspected rapist in the Coney Island Are.

In entertainment news a trailer for “Games of Thrones” has been released.

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In world news, NATO angered Russia after it invited Montenegro, a Slavic nation, to join the military alliance; and the British Parliament approved an expansion of airstrikes in Syria in the fight against ISIS.

In national news, another mass shooting occurred at a social services center in Southern California, killing at least 14 people, and wounding 17 others; and the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a revision of the No Child Left Behind Act that returned control of schools to states and localities.

In local news, the executive director of a nonprofit organization that helps fund New York City public schools unexpectedly resigns; and an eyeglass merchant in Brooklyn was indicted on charges of money laundering, grand larceny, and other crimes after using fraudulent loans to have a lavish lifestyle.

And in sports, the Knicks beat the Philadelphia 76ers last night with a final score of 99-87.

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In national News, a 51 year old man fled with his daughter after stabbing his wife. He was caught in Clifton New Jersey where his daughter remained safe.

In other stories. the crime rate in New York City has increased 5% since last year. It is expected to increase to 350 by the end of this year.

In local news, Marie Beavers, was hit by an 18- year old man driving in Sheepshead Bay.She was then rushed to Coney Island hospital.

Tyrone Lowe, is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend Shosane Rattigan. She was shot in the head and found dead at the scene, police say

In entertainment news, Kylie Jenner came out with a new lip kit that sold out within seconds.

Finally to campus news,  Brooklyn College is having an annual holiday food and toy drive. Stop by and donate news toys, non-perishable food items.

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In national news Paris attacks ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud is dead. Also one of his relatives are dead. Plus a new Isis video threatens an attack on the White House.

In local news a man was shot in Brooklyn after the suspect pointed a gun at police and a delivery man died after being struck by a falling branch.

In sports Milwaukee Bucks lose 115-100 against Cleveland Cavaliers.

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