• WBCR NEWS 12.11.17

    In world news, Bermuda has reinstated a ban on gay marriage in favor of domestic partnerships; and over the weekend, the famous “Little Foot” officially became […]
  • WBCR NEWS 12.7.17

    In world news, President Donald Trump tells Saudi Arabia to remove its blockade against Yemen for humanitarian purposes. In national news, fires in Southern California […]
  • WBCR NEWS 12.6.17

    In world news, President Trump is set to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which will undoubtedly cause uproar around the globe; and Russia is banned […]
  • WBCR NEWS 12.4.17

    In world news, tensions have risen since President Trump considered recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; and the United Nations and Trump are also no longer on […]
  • WBCR NEWS 11.30.17

    In world news, the Mexican government is set to create legislation that will put boots on the ground, but this time, the war is on […]

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