• WBCR NEWS 11.16.17

    In world news, Transport for London refused to renew Uber’s license due to public safety concerns. In national news, Republicans might cut funding to entitlement […]
  • WBCR NEWS 11.15.17

    In world news, President Trump has returned home from his 12-day trip to Asia; and the President of Zimbabwe has been taken into custody by […]
  • WBCR NEWS 11.13.17

    In world news, a earthquake on the Iraqi border was the biggest to hit the western part of Iran on record. Over 407 people have […]
  • WBCR NEWS 11.9.17

    In world news, northern India is feeling the effects of a smothering smog, prompting officials to close 4,000 schools affecting 4 million children. In national […]
  • WBCR NEWS 11.8.17

    In world news, Syria has finally joined the rest of the world in signing the Paris Climate Accord, which now leaves the U.S. as the […]

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