Media Nights: October 15th-16th

TUESDAY, October 15th

Host & Moderator: Katherine Fry, Professor Department of TV & Radio

Faculty Contributor: John Anderson, Assistant Professor and Director of Broadcast Journalism, TV & Radio

Visiting Guests:

David Sassoon, Climate News, founder & publisher


Bio: InsideClimate News is an award-winning, non-profit, non-partisan news organization that covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science—plus the territory in between where law, policy and public opinion are shaped. Our mission is to produce clear, objective stories that give the public and decision-makers the information they need to navigate the heat and emotion of climate and energy debates.

We have grown from a founding staff of two to a mature virtual newsroom of seven full time professional journalists and a growing network of contributors. We’re aiming to double in size and come to full scale in the next two years.

Climate and energy are defining issues of our time, yet most media outlets are now hard-pressed to devote sufficient resources to environmental and investigative reporting. Our goal is to fill this growing national deficiency and contribute to the accurate public understanding so crucial to the proper functioning of democracy.

Rory O’Connor:


Bio: Journalist, author, filmmaker, executive and entrepreneur, Rory O’Connor has worked for years in a wide variety of media, from print to broadcast to cable to film to the Internet, in commercial, public and not-for-profit contexts. He is experienced in media management and administration as well as creative and executive production services, and excels in strategic planning and leadership, both in editorial and production, as well as in administrative areas such as development, budgeting, fundraising, and human resource management. With broad exposure in newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, documentary and feature filmmaking, and, most recently, online, O’Connor is a jack of most media trades and master of many, having reported, written, edited, directed and produced on local, regional, national and international levels. Co-founder of the independent media firm Globalvision, Inc., he has been a key figure in the production of dozens of documentary films and has also been the executive in charge of three weekly television series. Globalvision films and television programming have aired on leading broadcast and cable networks in more than one hundred countries – from ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX domestically to the BBC, RAI, NHK, National Geographic and many others internationally. A longtime blogger and critic for sites such as the Huffington Post, AlterNet, and others, including his own Media Is A Plural blog, he has also appeared as an on-air commentator and ‘vlogger’ on international broadcast systems such as Al Jazeera and the CBC.


Mark Fonseca Rendeiro


Bio: Mark Fonseca Rendeiro aka Bicyclemark; Portuguese-American, alternative journalist and independent podcast producer specializing in online journalism, social movements and global conflicts. Weekly podcast related to journalism, world problems, and new media. One of the oldest and longest running independent journalism podcasts ever featuring guests from around the world, topics that get little attention in the mainstream press, and the occasional dispatch from me traveling in some odd corner of the world.

WEDNESDAY, October 16th

Host: Prof. Mobina Hashmi, Assistant Professor, Department of TV & Radio

Panel Moderator: Julianna Forlano, Adjunct Professor, Department of TV & Radio

Faculty Contributor: Miguel Macias, Assistant Professor, Department of TV & Radio

Visiting Guests:

Gordon Witkin, Managing Editor, The Center for Public Integrity


Organization Bio: Founded in 1989, the Center for Public Integrity is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit news organizations in the country. Our award-winning newsroom is comprised of reporters, editors and computer-aided reporting experts who dig deep and deliver national and international investigative journalism of enduring significance. The Center’s development team works with foundation partners and individual donors to nurture a steady cash flow to fund our operations. Our underwriting department generates earned revenue to augment the Center’s philanthropic income.

Gordon Witkin joined the Center in September 2008 following a long career at U.S. News & World Report and a shorter stint at Congressional Quarterly. At U.S. News, Witkin served as a regional correspondent in Detroit and as bureau chief in Denver, before coming to Washington in 1987. He covered criminal justice for 11 years, before joining the management ranks as chief of correspondents in 1998. Starting in January 2003, he served four and a half years as the news magazine’s national affairs editor. Witkin then spent a year as social policy editor at Congressional Quarterly, supervising coverage of health care, legal affairs, education, immigration, housing, and labor. He began his career at The Indianapolis Star, and has been a freelance contributor to Planning magazine and Tennis magazine. At the Center, much of his work has focused on Congress and the appropriations process, health care, state government and juvenile justice. Witkin’s work has been honored by Investigative Reporters and Editors, the American Bar Association, the National Press Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Scripps Howard, Columbia Journalism School and the University of Maryland College of Journalism.


DB Gilles


Bio: Teaches Screenwriting, Comedy Writing and Writing For Television in The Undergraduate Film & Television Department at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for more than 15 years and Playwriting in The Department of Dramatic Writing at NYU. Created 2 pilots for CBS, wrote for ABC, NBC, and FOX. Produced and published writer still actively working in the industry, has written several books on writing and directing.

Lizz Winstead


Bio: Co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show and Air America co-founder. One of the top political satirists in America and recognized by The NY Times, Washington Post, EW 100’s Most Creative People as well as a regular TV contributor on numerous shows. Lizz recently won an award for her book, “Lizz Free or Die”