Let Your Creativity Flow, Become a BCR Member

Brooklyn College students from all programs, faculty and staff can become part of our Radio Station.

The BCR Internship Program offers internships that will help students experience radio on different levels: music, talk, sports, news broadcast and administrative tasks necessary to run a radio station. All Interns will have a supervisor and are expected to commit with their assignments at least during an hour every week throughout the semester.

The following are the Guidelines and Explanations to help you navigate this process.

  • The goal of the WBCR Internship Program is to introduce Brooklyn College students to the world of radio and provide a space for professional training and artistic development in this medium.
  • The WBCR internship is a non-credit activity that offers the opportunity of real radio experience.
  • There are no additional tuition costs for our members.
  • This is an unpaid internship.
  • Students register for the internship at the beginning of each semester by signing the “WBCR New Members Sign In”.
  • Students are required to attend and approve a one-hour training session before the internship. Several training sessions are held weekly each semester through midterms; information on these sessions will be posted online.
  • Our Program Director will assign TRAINED students to a radio show considering their availability and interests.
  • After successfully completing the internship, students might be eligible to have their own radio show the following semester.

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For more information visit us at Whitehead Hall, Room 306