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IBS Media Awards Submissions


Hey Producers,

We have been presented the opportunity to win awards at the IBS College Media Awards. Below is a list of categories and the instructions to apply.

  1. Create a FREE soundcloud/youtube, etc account and upload the audio clips you would like to submit.
  2. Fill out the AWARDS SUBMISSION link for each category you would like to be acknowledged for.

ALL NOMINATED submissions will have the opportunity to attend the IBS conference and awards. IBS conference will feature 2 days of workshops and networking events with industry reps.


Important Deadlines:

You have up to October 26th to submit as much as you want. After the 27th we will be selective in what we submit on behalf of WBCR.



Entries must have aired on the IBS member station between November 4, 2015 and November 17, 2016. Programs aired after November 17, 2016 will be eligible for the next year’s competition regardless of whether or not the student is still enrolled.


What to Submit:

A mp3 file following what is outlined in parenthesis

These are the awards you can submit for:

News & Public Affair (5 minutes or under)

  • N01 – Best Newscast
  • N02 – Best News Feature Story
  • N04 – Best Campus News Coverage
  • N05 – Best Community News Coverage
  • N06 – Best Political News Coverage
  • N08 – Best News Interview



  • S02 – Best Sports Play-by-Play, Men’s Basketball (10 mins Max.)
  • S04 – Best Sports Play-by-Play, Women’s Basketball (10 Mins max.)
  • S07 – Best Sports Talk Program (can be edited, max 30 minutes)



  • P01 – Best Promo Series (up to 3 promos)
  • P02 – Best Station Promo (60 seconds or under)
  • P07 – Best Liner/Sweeper (60 seconds or under)
  • P08 – Best Station ID (30 seconds or under)
  • P11 – Best Podcast (No more than a 5 minute sample)


On-Air (edited, 5 minutes or under)

  • A01 – Best On-Air Personality
  • A02 – Best Specialty Music Show
  • A04 – Best Talk Program
  • A05 – Best Celebrity Interview
  • A09– Best Artist/Band Interview
  • A14 – Best Morning Show (an edited 10-minute sample)


Marketing (Provide Links)

  • M05 – Best Logo
  • M06 – Best Station Promotional Poster
  • M07 – Best Show Promotional Poster
  • M10 – Best Press Release


Web/On-line (Provide Links)

  • W01 – Best Website
  • W03 – Best Station Blog
  • W04 – Best Use of Facebook
  • W05 – Best Use of Twitter
  • W06 – Best Use of Instagram
  • W08 – Best Use of Social Media, Other


Management (One Page Letter)

  • T01 – Best Station Manger
  • T03 – Best Program Director
  • T04 – Best Music Director
  • T05 – Best Promotions Director
  • T07 – Best Social Media Director
  • T09 – Best News Director
  • T11 – Best Sports Director
  • T15 – Best Business Director
  • T17 – Best Graduate Advisor
  • T19 – Best Faculty Advisor
  • T21 – Tom Gibson Award for Outstanding Radio Engineering


Operations (Submit a nomination letter (no longer than one page) either as a Word or PDF attachment, and up to five (5) photos or other supporting documents to with the subject line “(Station Name) Submission for Category (#))

  • OP1 – Best Overall On-Air Schedule
  • OP2 – Best Overall Sports Coverage
  • OP3 – Best Station Playlist/Music Selection
  • OP4 – Best Training Manual
  • OP5 – Best Staff Training Method
  • OP6 – Best Staff Newsletter/Email
  • OP7 – Best Station Facilities


Overall (submit up to 60 minutes of edited programming from your station. Provide a link to your audio on the spreadsheet. You may also submit up to five (5) supporting documents (letters, press release, press clippings, etc.) via email to using the subject line “(Station Name) Supporting Materials for Category (#))

  • B03 – Best College/University Radio Station
  • B05 – Best Streaming/On-Line Only Radio Station



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