Folk City concert with Pete Seeger

By Charina Nadura

Folk City concert with Pete Seeger from Charina Nadura on Vimeo.

I had a privilege to meet the late legendary folk singer and activists Pete Seeger last summer. It was a profound moment to see him perform together with Josh White Jr., Oscar Brand and many others. I didn’t grew up listening to Pete Seeger’s music, neither I knew about his activism until recently. But despite the short time that I learned his music I have become a listener, his music speaks to me, he delivers a message in every song. And I have become more awe about his activism. He inspired many people to become part of something big in this world, he reminded us that we must respect nature, we must live in harmony with nature, and we must love one another. Pete Seeger never stopped inspiring us that we must fight together in order to achieve change. His activism leads him to be part of the civil rights movement, and this legacy in his music continues until today. Pete Seeger will be missed. But his music will remain and continue to inspire us and to our future generation to be part of something bigger to create change in our society.