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WBCR Daily Headlines 11.8.13

November 8, 2013 wbcrteam 6
The day’s headlines including: One of the strongest storms ever is pummeling the Philippines… WHILE: Isreal’s prime minister rejects the emerging deal between the West […]
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WBCR Daily Headlines 11.7.13

November 7, 2013 wbcrteam 0
(Picture by: The Verge at WBCR News Headlines: President Obama goes into “enemy” territory to talk about his health care program, while three people […]
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WBCR Daily Headlines 11.1.13

November 1, 2013 wbcrteam 981
WBCR News Headlines: Hillary Clinton could have been vice-president, a new book explains why she’s not; while a federal appeals court reinstates controversial Texas abortion […]