Ace Tee – Bist du down ? (feat. Kwam.e) | prod. plusma: REAL HIP-HOP!

German singer/rapper Ace Tee and collaborator Kwam.e are showing us how it’s done!

This nostalgia-filled video reminds us not only how dope Hip-Hop used to be but gives a fresh take, showing us just how much growth it still has!

This song is fueled by its hot hook, beautiful production, and – for me – its sprinkling of realism throughout the lyrics.

Kwam.e touches on commercialism/materialism with his line:

“Do not be down with your commerce because your commerce is not with heart”

And then speaks of unconditional love:
“And I’m down with you when your account is locked”

And THEN randomly mentions poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:
“The nigga from the fourth writes poems like Goethe”

I mean, come ON!

Not to mention, the awesome video editing of the beautiful men and women in the video standing in front of (very appropriate) graffiti’d walls (or in full-on graffiti’d rooms) with choreographed & free-styled dance moves & outfits that (I truly believe) shall never go out of style!

Not to leave out Ace Tee, I like how she mentions giving a cup of positive vibes to the one she’s courting in the beginning of the song. Though the song does have monogamous undertones, mentioning “honesty” and “being pure” of “hinds” which I think translates to “female deer” – which I could take or leave – I think the song itself may be positive vibes enough for all of us! Thanks Ace Tee, Kwam.e & plusma! Sending some positive vibes your way!

Check the video out here!:

Review and media curated by: Zoly Sohlir