Meet The E-Board

Ray Walker, General Manager / President

Ray Walker is senior at Brooklyn College majoring in Journalism and Media Studies. His love for radio started 2 years ago, right here at Brooklyn College Radio, when he joined the Executive Board as the Sports Director. Since then, he has devoted his free time to the ins and outs of the station. When the opportunity came for Ray to step into a bigger role as the President, he didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge.  As President, Ray looks to bring his fun-loving, outgoing vibe to the station. The goal is to create an amazing, long-lasting experience for every student who enters Brooklyn College Radio.  So if you’re around Whitehead Hall pop in at the station and ask for Ray.Or you can listen in to his show “The Happy Hour” on Tuesday from 8-10pm. #BeYouBeGreat


Master Dobson, Program Director / Vice President 


He is currently the program director of the radio station and responsible for organizing the sound of Brooklyn college Radio. He has a show  “The Master Hour “on thursdays 8-10pm.




Linasia Sterling, Business Manager/Treasurer

Managing all financial aspects at WBCR, Linasia Sterling is a junior who aspires to be a media personality.  As treasurer of the radio station, Linasia ensures all financial duties are handled in a timely manner to solidify operation at WBCR.  While she works toward her career goal as a media personality, she believes learning all behind the scene duties in radio will help her become a more valuable asset to the media industry.  Linasia has a background in music programming as she’s previously worked at a local upstate radio station and interned for SiriusXM.  She is now looking to produce her own broadcast series on YouTube called ‘Lincredible VIEWS’ which will be available to watch 2018.


Shannese Charles, Promotions Director / Secretary

Meet your new Promotion Director  Shannese Charles. Transferring as a Athlete & Broadcast Journalism major from Lehman College her sophomore year, Shannese entered Brooklyn College switching her career path to TV & Radio and is now a Junior at Brooklyn College. She started interning at the radio station during the Fall 2016 semester  and  became executive producer of her own show titled Callaloo and Collard Greens; the idea was to stay loyal to her African American race while highlighting her Caribbean roots (Grenada & Jamaica). As Promotions Director, Shannese wants to further extend the brand of WBCR and raise awareness of the existence of the station on and off campus, she’s willing to work her best and learn from the experience in order to use the knowledge towards her future career. She’s very excited to see what she can conquer this year!



Michelle Odedina, Music Director


Michelle Odedina is the Music Director here at WBCR. She is a double major in Communications and Africana Studies. Previously Michelle was an on-air host of radio show “mostly music”.As a music fan and regular concert attendee Michelle has an ear for all sounds as well as bridging the gap between labels and media companies. Today she controls the sound and music content of WBCR. Outside of the station,

Michelle is a contributor for VICE as well as a Brand Ambassador for HOT97. Michelle aspires to be the Music Director for large music and media companies.


Richard Ngo, News Director

Now in his third year at Brooklyn College, with a major in Journalism and Media Studies (JAMS), and a minor in Political Science, Richard Ngo has an immense passion for journalism as a public service, particularly as a tool of enlightenment and inspiration that all citizens of the world must have to impact change on critical and pressing issues, both on a national and global scale, that certainly affect, if not threaten, us as a citizenry of all ages and backgrounds. Richard’s primary media platforms for his reporting are television and radio, but if necessary, newer technologies may also be explored. As the News Director, Richard will have the highest editorial standards for all student members that work with him in the WBCR News Team, and he will expect nothing but the very best from each and every one of them.


Adam Zaki, Sports Director

From way out on Long Island, Adam brings a set of ideologies and a background that is unique to WBCR. Adam is a Journalism and Media Studies (JAMS) major. As the voice of Brooklyn College athletics and News and Sports Editor at campuses’ newspaper The Excelsior, he is as involved at Brooklyn College as he is passionate about his craft. With wild and crazy opinions about society and life that shocks many, his thoughts provide valuable insight about society, relationships, and the way the world works. He can be heard on The Adam Zaki Show on Wednesday mornings from 10-12, and his ideas can be read in the newspapers around campus. With a focus on seeking truth and being what some call “toxically” honest, Adam always provides a helping hand to whoever shows a genuine interest in media; using his connections around campus to give the students who go to him for insight opportunities in campus media and a way better experience overall.


Kevin James, Digital Content Manager

Kevin James is the Digital Content Manager of myWBCR. He is a senior majoring in Television and Radio and aspires to be a Media Producer. As digital content manager, Kevin oversees posts on the station website as well as the social media platforms. Kevin is committed and passionate about using these platforms of social media to promote myWBCR and bring more eyes and ears to the station. Outside the station, Kevin is Brand Ambassador for IHeart Media. He also hosts and produces his own show, 4play with Kev James every monday night at 8-10 pm live on


Professor John Anderson, Faculty Supervisor


Professor Anderson is the director of the Journalism and Media Studies degree program. A scholar of media policy and history, he has been a journalist for nearly 20 years and is a strong proponent of the notion that journalism is essential to provide the lifeblood of information that a functional democracy needs. He has experience running college radio stations in Wisconsin and Indiana as well as experience serving as News Director and Music Director. Professor Anderson oversees all e-board projects and meetings and is committed to facilitating creativity among members.     Contact: