Meet The E-Board

nyadeenNaydeen Rodriguez, General Manager / President

A force to be reckoned with, Naydeen Rodriguez is a senior at Brooklyn College who majors in Communications and Marketing with a focus in media and visual arts. She produces and hosts her own show called “Concrete Exposures”, a music and talk show that sheds light on the latest hip-hop and urban trends. With her experience at the station she landed an internship with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club”, worked as a Production Assistant for Revolt Music Conference 2016 and now as a Music Programming intern at BET Networks. Her main goal as the General Manager is to provide a fun and challenging environment where members are free to create unique content to get them ready for the real world. Between juggling college, her internship and running the station, she’s always looking for new experiences to sustain her creativity and a innovative mentality. She aspires to inspire and plans on making her mark in the industry as an influential Latina.

image1 Andrew Killips, Digital Content Manager

Andrew Killips is the Digital Content Manager of myWBCR. He is a sophomore majoring in Television and Radio and aspires to be a television writer. As digital content manager, Andrew oversees posts on the station website as well as the social media platforms. Andrew is committed to use the platforms of social media to promote myWBCR and bring more eyes and ears to the station. He also hosts and produces his own show, On The Fly with Andrew Killips every Thursday at 1:00 live on mywbcr. 



Kevin Eng, Program Director / Vice President

Kevin is the Program Director at the station and is currently majoring in Television & Radio. He watches over all the programming that goes live on the station and places interns on shows. Kevin also hosts “The Kevin Eng Show” on the station which is a pop culture based talk show with topics ranging from entertainment to video games and everything in between. He previously interned for iHeartMedia in the promotions department working as a station ambassador at different events. Kevin’s goal is to either hosting my own radio show or being a producer of a nationally syndicated radio show.



Stella Guera, Music Director

Stella Guerra is the Music Director at myWBCR. Coming from a family of travelers, she grew up engulfed in the various cultures found up and down the east coast.  In constant search of her nook, she settled in NYC where she studied Broadcast Journalism and Media.  Now she’s wrapping up a Bachelor’s degree in Television & Radio at Brooklyn College.  Regularly, she introduces different radio worthy artists to our extensive list of producers for airplay, on-air interviews, live music sessions on their new releases, as well as tying the knot between the record labels and the station.  Her talent as a recording artist, performer, and filmmaker, will not just cross, but join numerous genres.  Let’s just say, she’s taking on her lifelong goal of breaking into the Media and Entertainment scene by the horns!  She’s so excited to share her creativity with her audiences, and for all to join her in her journey.


img_1310Ray Walker, Sports Director

Ray is the Sports Director here at WBCR.  He is currently majoring in Journalism and Media Studies and his dream job is to be a color analyst for the NBA.  Here at WBCR, he manages a team of 20 aspiring sports broadcasters where they get to exercise their broadcasting skills and love for sports. Ray is in charge of everything that deals with sports from articles to live broadcasts of the Men’s/Women’s Basketball games, and women’s softball games. If there’s a sports debate going on, he will likely be in the middle of it making the most noise, so he won’t be hard to find!



Kamarie Steadman, Business Manager/Treasurer

WBCR’s financial manager, Kamarie Steadman is a Communications major with a focus in corporate management. He manages the budget while getting the most out of each buck. Aside from being a fully committed WBCR member, he’s a lifestyle and marketing rep for a major label. If he’s not debating basketball with Ray, you’ll probably see him on the phone handling all of WBCR’s financial correspondence.


Richard Ngo, News Director

14589744_1675759082752395_6390812841766995196_o (1)Now in his third year at Brooklyn College, with a major in Journalism and Media Studies (JAMS), and a minor in Political Science, Richard Ngo has an immense passion for journalism as a public service, particularly as a tool of enlightenment and inspiration that all citizens of the world must have to impact change on critical and pressing issues, both on a national and global scale, that certainly affect, if not threaten, us as a citizenry of all ages and backgrounds. Richard’s primary media platforms for his reporting are television and radio, but if necessary, newer technologies may also be explored. As the News Director, Richard will have the highest editorial standards for all student members that work with him in the WBCR News Team, and he will expect nothing but the very best from each and every one of them.


Ebbony Pinillos, Promotions Director / Secretary

Ebbony is the Promotions Director here at WBCR and she is a Television and Radio major. As promotions director, she organizes and schedules events for the station among other things. Outside of the station, Ebbony is a contributor for The Source Magazine, produces The Podcast About Nothing, and serves “black girl magic” on a daily basis.


andersonProfessor John Anderson, Faculty Supervisor

Professor Anderson is the director of the Journalism and Media Studies degree program. A scholar of media policy and history, he has been a journalist for nearly 20 years and is a strong proponent of the notion that journalism is essential to provide the lifeblood of information that a functional democracy needs. He has experience running college radio stations in Wisconsin and Indiana as well as experience serving as News Director and Music Director. Professor Anderson oversees all e-board projects and meetings and is committed to facilitating creativity among members.