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Published on January 9th, 2017 | by Music Team


A Band With No Boarders!

It’s DNCE…No! It’s Paramore…No! IT’S SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! This is Ozconscious! This Canadian Band made up of members Tate Hiebert, Jordan Schmidt, Taylor Hrabarchuk, Spence Hiebert, Kyle Caithness, and Jeff Laird, know exactly what it means and what it takes to blur the lines of typical pop/rock music and create music that is completely out the box and really expresses who you are and what you feel.

Ozconscious describes their music styles as, “driving, friendly pop filtered through the seriousness of ‘60s/’70s bubblegum without the gummy lyrics and sticky clichés, meshed with an urgent San Francisco sunshine psyche sound that’s informed by heavier aspects of UK progressive rock, power pop & elements of post punk and – gasp! Even grunge’n goth!” This unique music style is reflected with the debut of their first EP Leave Your Self Behind.


This EP released in 2015 and features four songs: She’s Loving Her Life, You’ve Got It Goin’ On, Can’t See Me Stand, and Don’t Read Your Mind.  This work stands on a level all on it’s own. Personally I was in love with Can’t See Me Stand, a song that in 3 minutes and 52 seconds takes you on a rollercoaster ride of sounds. The song begins with some instrumental electric guitar, then the vocals of Taylor Hrabarchuk come in and serenade you. As Taylor sings there is a build up in the music leading you to the point where all the sounds collide, that can best be described as the enjoyable rock music you jump around to in your bedroom. Overall, this piece is cohesive and the highlight of the entire EP.

The one thing to be noted is that while there are only four songs, no songs sound like the other. Each piece is originally written, and has a different kind of flow and its own kind of uniqueness.

Ozconscious’s Can’t Hear Me Stand and all their other music, is available only on Soundcloud.  Here’s the link:

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