A 10 Hour Road Trip + Giant Mug of Coffee + Empire of the Sun’s Two Vines Album

Movies/ TV shows? Check. Music? Check. Snacks galore? Coffee? Check. Check. Check.

These are things that are usually checked TO THE MAX before I go on a road trip. I left for my latest one very ill-prepared of these comforts with the exception of my giant mug of coffee. In place of them, I had downloaded this album from a duo  I had never listened to just sitting on my desktop. This album just inherited the daunting task of hopefully keeping me entertained. I shrugged my shoulders and uploaded to iTunes. As I learn to ‘adult’ more and more, I repeat mantras about the bright sides and silver linings of situations. Listening to this album during my drive left me with just that, new unbridled bright sides and silver linings.

Two Vines is an album put out by a duo called Empire of the Sun. On a 10 hour road trip, their album was placed on repeat and shuffle too many times to count. They seriously have an awesome electronica sound. A combination of coffee fueling my blood stream and their music giving me good vibes had me dancing in my little driving space. Shout out to my cruise control for making dancing a little more possible on this road trip.

I could only imagine how electrifying their live performances are  with their ‘out-of-this-world’ presence. Aside from a few international tour dates, the duo is headed to Coachella this spring to perform. Their definitely doing something right and I really hope they keep putting out awesome music. Favorite songs from the album (in no specific ranking): High and Low, Friends, ZZZ, and Ride.

Since I began writing for this page, I have loved finding new music more and more. It’s exciting and wonderful for me when it’s at its most random of happenings. So here’s to future finds and to Empire of the Sun! Check them out here!

Left to Right: Luke Steel, Nick Littlemore

-Davis Luceriaga – Music Dept. 

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