In world news, the United Nations says that at least 500 migrants may have drowned in the Mediterranean last week; and Ecuador’s president tries to help his people after two devastating earthquakes over the past few days.

In national news, the Supreme Court unanimously upholds the map of a congressional district drawn by an independent redistricting commission in Arizona; and the Senate has passed a comprehensive energy bill by a vote of 85-12.

In local news, the New York attorney general opens an investigation into voting irregularities in the state’s presidential primary two days ago; and the MTA fully approves a modified capital plan, which includes funding for Phase 2 of the new Second Avenue Subway.

And finally, Spring Break is finally here at Brooklyn College, which will last from tomorrow until Saturday, April 30.

Produced, written, and edited by Richard Ngo

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In world news, the Syrian government held parliamentary elections yesterday, despite objections from the United States and its allies; and lawmakers in the US Senate are threatening to withhold funding from the United Nations as the organization struggles to combat sexual abuse within its’ own ranks.

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In world news, an American college student from Ohio is sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea after being caught stealing political propaganda from his Pyongyang hotel; and as the civil war in Syria enters its fifth year, some Kurdish factions are trying to literally divide the country by declaring a federal region in the north.

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